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So, why Alivez?

Well, Lots of reasons, but most importantly because.

Alivez is a one of a kind Lifestyle Fitness center in Vadodara, which has the best in everything be the equipment,
the trainers or the all important mindset to make you feel and be awesome.

State of the Art Equipment

At Alivez we have the World's best gym equipment all under one roof.

Certified Qualified & Experienced Trainers

We are home to some of the best trainers in Vadodara City

Scientific Approach

Our body analysis and assessment is based on internationally set standards .

PRO Shop

This is where we help you get the best in equipment and nutrition .

Our Programs

Equipment at Alivez

Strength Zone


Bicep Curl

Bicep Curl

The Curl uses the traditional preacher curl position, rotating handles and angled arm pad to accommodate different users while limiting unwanted shoulder movement. This Plate-Loaded machine enhances any facility and utilizes independent converging and diverging movements for an instinctively natural experience.


Arm Curl Bench

Arm Curl Bench

The Life Fitness Signature Series Arm Curl Bench offers two different positions for varied workouts and accommodates users of all sizes.


Hammer Strength Seated Biceps

Hammer Strength Seated Biceps

The Plate-Loaded Seated Biceps is designed to give exercisers improved resistance over free weights in a preacher curl position. Handles rotate to accommodate differences in user forearm length.


Gorilla Gripper

Gorilla Gripper

This innovative machine allows smooth workout of fore arm. User can perform the exercise by using independent palm. The jerai gorilla gripper provides weight stack upto 100 lbs.




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Programs to meet your fitness goals

  • Dance your way to fitness

    Opt for fun filled Zumba and Aerobic sessions

  • Ride towards your fitness goals

    Experiment with the super effective LesMills RPM sessions

  • Less weights and lot of reps

    Weight is not your thing then LesMills Bodypump is for you

  • The good old traditional way

    There's nothing better than pumping iron the old way with better equipment

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