Rise and Shine it’s Cardio time!

Cardio that short for short for cardio vascular , exercises which involve movement that gets your heart rate up and increases blood circulation in your body. Cardio has a wide range of benefits to begin with it improves heart health, metabolism gets better, you recover faster and to top it all you burn fat.

At Alivez Gym and Fitness Center we understand the importance of cardio to improve the outcome of a workout and the overall effects to an individual’s health. So we have selected some of the most efficient machines to work on ones cardio vascular fitness, from the best stationery cycles, to the most efficient treadmills to the most durable rowing machines we have it all at Alivez gym in Vadodara. Also we are one of the only places for cardio in Vadodara where you can come experience the Lesmills Grit Series training program which is cardio training with a twist.